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Our team of professional corporate secretaries

It comes in handy when you have a company secretary who can guide you immediately about the regulations and the statuaries regarding your business.

Nowadays, a company secretary has evolved more than just answering phones and taking minutes in a meeting. A company secretary from Tax Integrity will provide you complete administrative support, guide you on the regulations, disclosures and other guidelines that need to be met.

We have a team of specialists in our field and are offering value-added and customer focussed corporate accounting services in Preston, Thomastown, Epping, and nearby suburbs. A number of our customers interact on the phone and do not have to attend lengthy meetings as we have our processes fine-tuned to serve them efficiently for corporate accounting service.

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Our team of professional corporate secretaries has vast knowledge and experience to help your business to stay within the lines of legal obligations. We provide company secretarial services to some of the major cities in Australia. To know more about the locations we serve in and the services we provide, give us a call now.

Here are some of the important responsibilities of our company secretaries.

  • Managing the compliance of ASIC and ASX
  • Ensuring that all the statutory regulations are met and its corresponding fees, if any, are paid on time
  • Help in the incorporation of new businesses, the formation of the company, trusts, partnerships, etc.
  • Registering new business names
  • Maintaining the company records
  • Drafting board resolutions, corporate agreements, contract documents, etc.
  • Advise on the statutory obligations and management of the governance
  • Attend board meetings and create concise minutes
  • Drafting policies for the branches of the business